Life since Lockdown.

Its been a strange year and a half, as I'm sure you're all aware...

I've lost family and friends, as I'm also sure you have as well.

Because of the lockdown though I have written music and actually put it out there into the world!

Have music on Streaming services like Spotify and itunes etc.

Started Illustrating a Children's Book!

Made new friends, and in which this year being what it has been I can't believe I actually had the chance to.

I got to go to Amsterdam for my birthday!

Got to be Peter Pan!

Bought a sewing machine and teaching myself to sew!

I've moved house again in the time of lockdown, we are building our Van Poppy to hopefully be full time vanlifers in the next couple months.

I got to live in a place I literally have only dreamed about!

Had a nice Christmas with new friends and new family.

Looking back it has been challenging and brilliant.

I am so thankful for everything that has come into my life.

I am a lucky girl!

And if you knew me a few years ago I would have told you I am the most unlucky person in the world..

But that is not me anymore.

I hope this finds you well.

Enjoy each day and say I love you more then not.


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