Catch up on life!

So its been a year since I started this website. A lot has happened and a lot hasn't happened.

We house/dog sat for Halloween, We house/dog/cat sat for Christmas! I went to Marseille France for 3 weeks to visit my old best friends from 25 years ago! It was great that it didn't feel awkward at all!!

We have decided to build our house in a big red Iveco van! So that has started and you can watch it @alwaysvanadventure on insta or YouTube! I wrote and put out my first original song! You can find it at iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, google play, deeper, YouTube, Shazam it even!! Its called 'We are the guardians' by my stage/instagram name Pixie Spirit. CHECK IT OUT! I will be uploading here as well to download. I started a retro radio show in the town of Stoke on Trent, but then Lockdown happened. So now its been a couple months away from it and with us moving soon and the build etc I have chosen to leave the station. Maybe start a oldies podcast or something instead. :)

I hope this finds you all well and happy and healthy!

Have a great day and hopefully catch up before another year has gone by,

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