Bespoke Greeting Cards

All Bespoke Greeting Cards are Pixies Speciality. 


Christmas Cards, Corporate Cards, Wedding Invites, Party Invites! 

Individual Cards: (one offs)

She can either do generic cards that you can use anytime and for anyone, blank on the inside for you to fill out.  Or you can get bespoke cards made for each individual. Just  tell her  who the card is for, what are their likes,  interests and hobbies, and she will come up with a design just for your family member or friends.  

Quantity of Cards, Invites:

If you are interested in cards or invites, please contact her.  She will require a few days/weeks to come up with the design.

She will continually send updates with her design process, if you are happy with it, she will then get them printed and sent to you. 

The Greeting Cards are designed for each client specifically.  She will require images of family, pets, possibly your home.